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Paper Doily Makes: Decorative Wooden Pegs

Paper Doily Pegs 3 pegs 5 final Paper Doily pegs 2 final

We’ve been very busy making lots of adorable pegs for our Etsy shop recently and we thought we would share! They are absolutely perfect for prettifying wedding favour bags or wrapped gifts. They would also look lovely in the home, perhaps hanging from a lovely piece of twine with your favourite photographs or artwork attached.

These pegs are just standard clothes pegs and are very easy to find in most hardware stores or supermarkets. I purchased a large pack of these from my local supermarket. I searched online for patterned washi tape and came across such an amazing selection, mainly on Etsy. The great thing about these pegs, is that you only need a very small amount of washi tape to cover them. This means that you will have lots of tape left for coordinating party crafts, should you be having a big DIY session.

I have decided to sell these in lovely packs of 10 here but if you decide to get creative yourself, then let me know. I would love to see!

A very kind reminder: Paper Doily tutorials are for personal use only. Please do not reproduce the above content for resale. 

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Paper Doily Makes: DIY Hand Stamped Heart Gift Tags

Tag Tutorial1 Tag Tutorialheart tag 1 il_570xN.229277663

I’ve recently opened the handmade part of my new business, which can be found on Etsy under the name of Paper Doily Parties. I have been very busy crafting lots of party products over the past few weeks, which has been so much fun! These beautiful gift tags are one of the most favourite things I have made so far. I imagine they would be absolutely perfect as wedding favour tags, or used to adorn a gifts for special people in your life. I can also imagine them looking stunning if used for an Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea party. The possibilities are endless, and the fact that they are handmade, makes them that extra bit special.

If you are feeling crafty yourself, why not have a try? For these particular tags I searched for some plain brown tags in my local craft store, which happened to come with a long length of beautiful twine, which I divided into 30 pieces. You will need a sharp pair of scissors to achieve a nice finish. I particularly loved the scalloped edges on these tags, but there are so any variations. I also purchased a beautiful heart shaped stamp from Jolyonates, as shown in the photograph above. This was of excellent quality and added the perfect finish to my tags. I bought some standard red ink alongside the tags and stamped away as soon as I arrived home!

I would advise you to work on a hard surface and put some newspaper down. I made the mistake of not using newspaper. My table is wipeclean but the process was a bit messier than I initially thought and I am still finding bits of red ink on the table a few weeks afterwards! The stamps can be cleaned in warm, soapy water and left to dry naturally. The tags took a few hours to dry fully. Once they had finished drying, I carefully fed the twine through the small holes… which needed punching through but I got there eventually. I have now developed a new love of hand stamping, so expect many more posts on this.

I imagine this would make an excellent supervised children’s task. If your child has a party coming up, why not have some stamping fun? You can always go back to basics and make your own stamps from an eraser or a baking potato!

If you love these so much, you can purchase them here otherwise, do let me see the result if you choose to make them yourself.

A very kind reminder: Paper Doily tutorials are for personal use only. Please do not reproduce the above content for resale. 

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The progress of Paper Doily Party Shop


We have recently received a few questions regarding Paper Doily’s progress from some of our lovely Facebook followers. It is so nice to see that people are as excited as we are, and we have taken it as a great compliment. We have been super busy at Paper Doily HQ, preparing for the launch of our Etsy shop. The studio has turned into craft central. Paper Doily will consist of two ventures. There will be an amazing selection of handmade party accessories, primarily sold through our Etsy shop. This will allow us to be super creative as we love nothing more than designing and making fabulous party products.

There will also be a larger online shop, selling an amazing array of party accessories from well known suppliers. The handmade venture is a thoroughly enjoyable process but is taking a little longer than expected… like most things! We want to ensure we have the best products available, which requires lots of planning and meticulous making! The larger online shop is scheduled to be up and running within the next 6 months, which will allow us plenty of time to source products, build the website and connect with our very highly regarded potential customers.

If you are an animal person and in the mood for a cute photograph, you will be pleased to hear that we have just welcomed Felix, the miniature poodle puppy to Paper Doily HQ. He is 15 weeks old and full of love, mischief and cuddles. Felix is another reason why our progress is a little slower than anticipated. Somebody has to provide the cuddles! He brings us a lot of joy and excitement and certainly keeps us on our toes.

We look forward to sharing the rest of our journey with you and thank you so much for reading.

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Paper Doily Bakes: Mars Bar Slices


Last week my husband and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. I used some of our wedding decorations to decorate the house with as a nice little suprise and served some delicious drinks with the paper straws I had decorated. See earlier post for these. I always bake something for special occasions and I had a browse on Pinterest for some inspiration. I intended to bake a victoria sponge cake, his favourite cake EVER but I felt like experimenting with something new. This recipe was absolutely great. It didn’t need to go into the oven and required minimal effort. The recipe can easily be doubled if you are intending to make this for a dessert table at a party. Supervised children would love making this, although be warned, it is a fairly messy, sticky process for little fingers! If you are feeling inspired, here is the recipe:


  • 1 cup of Maltesers. (I purchased a small box and used the remaining Maltesers for decoration)
  • 4 Mars Bars
  • Half a cup of Condensed Milk
  • 1 large pack of Chocolate Biscuits. I used McVities chocolate digestives but this can be easily changed
  • 1 large bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk
  • 100g unsalted butter
  • 1 teaspoon Olive Oil


  • Line a 25cm X 16cm tin with baking parchment. You can alter the size of the tin for thicker or thinner slices
  • Crush the chocolate biscuits and maltesers. You can either use a food processor or place the ingredients in a food bag and use a rolling pin to crush
  • Slice the mars bars into small pieces. Make sure they are not overly warm or it could get a little messy
  • Place a heat proof bowl over a pan of lightly simmering water and add the butter and condensed milk. Gently stir until combined
  • Add the crushed maltesers, biscuits and the sliced mars bars to the butter and condensed milk mixture
  • Pour the mixture into the prepared tin and press down with a metal spoon. Try to flatten this out as much as you can to achieve neat, even slices
  • Place this mixture into the fridge for 1 hour, or until completely set
  • Place a heat proof bowl over a pan of lightly simmering water and break the Dairy Milk Chocolate up into small pieces
  • Stir until melted but be careful not to overheat/burn the chocolate
  • When fully cooled, remove the tray from the fridge and pour the melted chocolate over the base
  • Arrange the maltesers on top of the chocolate. I used 8 maltesers for 8 slices but this can be easily changed
  • Leave to set in the fridge for 1 hour, or until cooled
  • Once fully cooled, take a knife and cut your slices. You can then remove the slices from the tin and store in a pretty cake tin before your party…. Or put the kettle on and enjoy!

Alternatively, these would make lovely edible gifts to take along to a party. You can easily make some beautiful wrapping, similar to the one pictured above, courtesy of the amazing Ghirlanda di Popcorn

Do let me know if you decide to make these. It would be lovely to hear from you!